Thursday, June 23, 2016

Not The End again...

Mozilla Firefox came to the rescue.  Firefox is an excellent web browsing tool.  It's a free browser that accepts donations. It has the ability to lock our content so  it can't be stolen. Basically Google has purchased Blogspot.  So we need to respect their decision.  For some reason they believe taking our passwords will gain great things (I have no idea).  Time to change all passwords on all places except blogspot they're not worth anything now.

Thankfully I saved all my photos and artwork in Adobe Bridge so they're all safe. 

This week I'll be going to listen to Governor Chris Christie in New Jersey.  He is addressing our issues with the high property taxes and also spreading money to all schools instead of just a few.  My prayers are in this.  Our state is beautiful.  I saw a Snowy Owl one day, fly above our house.  I saw a pheasant sitting on a rail on the NJ Turnpike.  In Winter, deer walk behind our townhouse.  We have bunnies in the backyard and fireflies in Summer.  And of course the Jersey Shore.  What I'm saying is this is an extraordinary place to live.