Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Word-filled Wednesday

Dogs have this verse memorized!
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I know God has a sense of humor, I've experienced it, and seen it.  Just look at dogs.  The Master calls and they jump!  When they are treated well, they wiggle all over and slurp when people come to visit.  They don't worry about what people look like or talk like, they just slurp and wiggle.  They never worry about their hair. The only time they worry is when the food dish is empty.  Usually, they don't let that phase them.  They know how to let the Master know.  It's really like this for us too.  I think I think too much...  There's so many things to worry about- but I really enjoy having fun : )  The simple truth dogs demonstrate is straight from Heaven.  God works all things out for good, we just need to trust, love, and obey Him.  Even when things seem a bit odd around us.

I took this photo when I was out walking and shooting on a trail.  I had been wondering and praying to God to make sure He wanted me in photography.  A woman, I'd never seen before, stopped me and asked what magazine I work for.  I was just working on an online newspaper at the time.  So she smiled and said, "Take my dog's photo.  I want her to be famous." 

It was incredibly encouraging.  How could I resist?  And such a beautiful dog as well. : )

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  1. This is one of my fave verses. Its ramifications are enormous.

  2. Thanks Clint! I agree it applies to so many situations and anytime. : )

  3. I love dogs so I enjoyed your post. We can learn a lot about how to live life from dogs-unconditional love, affection, not holding back enthusiasm, just being in the moments. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Thanks Peggy- I appreciate your descriptions too. God had something special in mind when He gave us animals : ) Knowing Him, I'm sure it takes some humbleness to be able to see it.

  5. What a beautiful dog...and I love the verse you chose. So grateful for our Master's care.

  6. Yes Alida- we have an awesome Master! Thanks!

    Thanks Matteo : ) Ciao!

  7. I love it how God sends someone or something to confirm His purposes for us don't you;)
    ~Love & Blessings~

  8. Amen! He sure does. All we have to do is ask : )

  9. hahaha- one of our cats, Jake, acts like a dog, wags his tail, doesn't meow, greets everyone and actually slurps : )

    The verse for Frankie, the other cat-
    Matthew 6:34
    34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.
    He's always playing especially at night and sometimes that leads to a big crash somewhere in the house hahaha.