Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Word-filled Wednesday

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It's December.  In the USA, it's the darkest time of the year.  Our days are much shorter now.  It starts getting dark around 4pm.  It can get kind of depressing.  Sometimes the holidays themselves can be depressing, like when someone we loved is no longer with us.   Or there's just not enough money to buy Christmas gifts.  I know what it is to wish I could just skip Christmas.  Of course there's always disagreements and disagreeable folks to deal with as well.   We just aren't perfect.  As much as we try, the holidays aren't perfect.  Feelings aren't something we can control at times.  It's so good to know Jesus is perfect.  Even in the darkest times, He's with us.   This verse promises that He will be the light of our lives. 

One year I had just gotten my first apartment and was living alone.  I felt lonely.  So I decided I would put up a tree for myself.  It turned out great, some people stopped by to admire it.  But it was between me and the Lord mostly.  I put up blue ornaments to symbolize His purity, red to symbolize His sacrifice, and purple to symbolize His royalty.  I could feel His presence with me.  This year I walked downstairs to find my cat staring out of the middle of the tree.  He likes to climb.  Oy!  It's never perfect.  Just need to find where the ornament hooks landed...

Personally I think a lot of the American traditions like Santa Claus and gift giving are fun.  I even enjoy some of the old movies like, "It's a wonderful life."   I've always loved watching parades.  But the best part is remembering and celebrating Jesus' birth.  I don't even want to imagine life without Him.  He is my light.

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  1. A great verse. As long as we follow God we will never be in the dark.

  2. Amen. And when things get tough, He's there to help us through.

  3. Beautiful picture and verse. Thanks for sharing.

  4. That is beautiful. Hopefully the hooks didn't go in his mouth! That's why I am afraid to put my little tree out somewhere, as I have a cat too.

  5. Yes Jesus is our light! Amen.

    ~God Bless You~

  6. Love your colors of red, blue and purple.

  7. Thanks everyone! And Amen. God bless you all!

  8. Awesome post Karen. I too believe the best part of Christmas is remembering and celebrating Jesus.
    God bless and Merry Christmas,

  9. Thanks Ken! I agree Jesus is the best part. And! We get to celebrate Him 365 days a year.
    God bless! And Merry Christmas : )

  10. Hey Karen! I just want to ask how you joined this internet cafe devotions? :o

  11. Hi Joy! Just click on the link and it will take you to how to sign up. God bless!