Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Word-filled Wednesday

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I have these verses on my bulletin board above my computer.  But today, the Lord directed my eyes to it.  I honestly forgot it was there.  It's so powerful, I remembered why I wrote it down : )

There's 5 verbs:

1.  Trust in the Lord
To me this means letting go of fear and anxiety.  It means surrendering all to the Lord.  Honestly, sometimes I just pray, "Please help me trust You Father, I can't right now."

2.  Do good
Considering the whole Bible, to me this means to look out for others and help when I can.  It means to work hard in a good, healthy business.  It means to take care of my family and...  watch the tongue.

3.  Dwell in the land
My first thoughts were, "But I have to dwell in the land?  Where else would I dwell?"  But sometimes my mind isn't present.  Sometimes I'm thinking about things I don't need too.  Sometimes I need to stop and count my blessings:  my husband, Church, cats, a home, money to pay bills, food to eat, bandaids...  Drop all the great thoughts, and major fears, and simply enjoy today.  

4.  Feed on His faithfulness
God has done some amazing miracles in my life, it's one of the rewards of trials : )  When this reality hits me, I feel so ungrateful.  For those times I've walked around thinking, "I'm doomed.  That's it!  Even God can't fix this.  Surely He's run out of blessings and miracles by now."  He loves us so much; He brings more.  Besides His faithfulness to me in the past, there's some awesome examples of His faithfulness in the Bible.

5.  Delight yourself in the Lord
Really that's all He wants.  He wants us to praise Him, enjoy His sunsets, go for walks and see His garden.  Maybe even look at my husband and thank God for him, how he was created.   He loves it when we're delightful.  

Then there's a reward, He will give you the desires of your heart.  My desires always get more noble after some time with God.

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  1. God is so good and faithful to bless us with the desires of our heart... Wonderful!

    1. Yes He is : ) His love for us knocks my socks off. Amazing grace and love. Thanks Kathleen!

  2. What you post always stirs that which I know but never think about. I feel full when I read your posts and I want to search my Bible more. To live my life for Christ daily. Basically, your posts make me aware and for that I thank you!

    1. Thank you MC, I'm so glad you are encouraged. God bless!

  3. What a great and inspiring post - love it.

  4. Those are five very good words for sure!
    ~Blessings In Jesus~

  5. They sure are. I've been thinking about "dwelling" in the land instead of my thoughts for the past few days. Makes life much easier for sure : ) Good to see you again Lisa! God bless.

  6. Karen. There is a simplicity in our faith that we so need. These five words boil it down, don't they?

  7. You're so right David. It is very simple- we've made things very very complicated in our faith. Probably along with the way our lives have become more so. In ways the Amish seem to have this figured out.