Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Word-filled Wednesday

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I love the words in this verse:

God wants us to live, to really live.  Not to be caught up in worries and negative thoughts (this can be a challenge for sure!).  Let go and smile, tickle a child, play with pets, dream, and be creative.  Love others and pray for those who are a little hard to love.

He doesn't want us to get caught up by desires that weigh us down.  It would be nice to win the lottery and have all sorts of money.  But if I spend all my money on lottery tickets or believe money will make me happy that's not freedom.  Only Jesus can set us free.  Besides I heard the tax on a million dollars is outrageous.  Better to have enough and be free than anchored down in taxes.

To me this is a person who is full of life.  They tell stories, laugh, cry, dance, sing.  They enjoy the talents and gifts God has given them and enthusiastically live.

by God's Spirit
The Holy Spirit is within us.  Sometimes when I meditate on Jesus' name, I am full of joy.  But no one is always happy.  It's ok to feel bad; that's life.  Joy is deeper and stronger.  It comes from the Holy Spirit deep within our hearts.  Happiness comes and goes with circumstances.  Sometimes He nudges me to help someone I wouldn't usually notice.  I noticed after I became a Christian, I'd come out of illnesses with joy.  His joy waits for us.

About this photo- I was out shooting in Cranbury, NJ.  It's a little colonial town.  I was snapping away when I saw these ballerina dresses in a store window.  I smiled.  Ballerinas are so graceful and free. But the real truth is, they work hours and hours.  It requires a great deal of strength and discipline.  They are coordinated and graceful naturally.  Sigh...  I do cameras : )  Paint brushes make me feel whole.  Sketch pads are a new adventure.  I trip at least once a day...  But for a moment I saw someone's dream hanging in the window.  The skirts swirled.  The toes held balance.  It was beautiful.  Isn't it awesome how God gave us all different gifts and talents?  Uniquely animated for His glory!  It's good to enjoy the talent of others.  My Pastor, has a gift in teaching the Bible. So glad he's willing to share his gifts and talent.

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  1. This is wonderful. I've been telling a few people i know lately that God does not want puppets - we have free will and make free choices. Like David I choose to dance, and sing and praise...Bless you!

  2. Thanks Kathleen- I've been sorting out what drags me down and what helps me shine. It really is personal. I've known some dancers for the Lord it's very spiritual and lovely. God bless!

  3. This is such a wonderful post! I love how you broke-down and then analyzed this verse.