Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Word-filled Wednesday

"Advertising photo assignment, almost..."
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Jesus described us as the "salt of the earth."  In today's world salt isn't as important as it was in Biblical times.  Although some doctors are starting to come around and realize that salt is in human blood- it's a part of how we were created.  Too much salt can be fatal.  Before I became a Christian when people came on too strong, I wasn't very nice.   It wasn't until I started seeking Him that I found Jesus.  I have no doubt that the Christians I rejected, sprinkled a little salt in my heart.

Salt had many purposes in Biblical times:

  • like today, it was used for seasoning in food
  • it's a preservative
  • a disinfectant
  • used in exchange for items
  • melts snow and ice
As Christians, we add seasoning to the world.  We bring love and hope to dark places restoring others.  The truth is in us, Jesus Himself.  He can use us to cleanse others of depression and doubt.  What I've received in exchange for my simple acts of kindness always seems greater than what I gave.  I remember sitting in a cube working.  A man said how hungry he was.  I had some granola bars in my desk drawer.  So I gave him one, really didn't think it was a big deal.  His response overwhelmed me, "Why would you do this?  I don't understand it's so nice of you."

So I told him, "I'm a Christian.  It's what I do."

A manager was standing by me.  He smiled, nodded and said, "Yes.  That's what we do."

I didn't know he was a Christian.  Such a simple thing.  With my brother's illness, his family is struggling emotionally.  Waiting for a liver transplant is agony.  It feels like snow and ice for them.  I called last night and they were thrilled to hear from me.  We laughed and I encouraged my niece in her career.  We'll be going down on Saturday.  God has given us such a gift, I am so grateful.  It doesn't take much to sprinkle some salt, melt some ice, and pray.

I took this photo for one of my final projects with New York Institute of Photography.  We were supposed to copy an advertisement photo with lighting techniques.  Oy!  The ad looked so simple, after hours of work I got this shot.  Then I looked at the ad again and realized it was fixed in Photoshop...  No worries though, I think God had another purpose for this shot. : )  And I found a better subject for my assignment.

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  1. Great story and photo, along with a beautiful illustration of the Scripture! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Thanks Lisa and Denise : ) God bless!