Thursday, May 24, 2012

Scripture & A Snapshot

© Karen Kyle Ericson, all rights reserved.

Sometimes the words come out before I realize what I'm saying...  I didn't mean it that way, but it sounded so bad.  Then there's times when me and my husband just aren't in a happy mood.  We sound like a couple of hens bantering at each other.  I'm usually the first one to step away and say a prayer, while he zones into the TV.

Then there's other times when everyone else seems to have a harsh word.  People I don't even know.  I went to the doctor and a woman asked, "Why don't you get a job?"

I told her what I do.  And she replied, "You need to get a job."
After I explained my accomplishments, she replied, "Oh!  You go girl!"

Critics come from everywhere.  To be honest, I'm my own worst critic.  Who am I to mock the God who created me?

There's one place I can go to find the encouragement I need.  That's the Bible.  It's like a refuge for me.  God has so much to tell me, guide me with, and lift my spirits.  His Word is steady in a world where things seem upside down and backwards.  His Word humbles me when I really really need it.

It's always good.

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  1. Great post! And great shot you got there haha God bless ya! :D

  2. Ah yes, I am my own worst critic as well. You are right, who am I to criticize God's workmanship?
    Good post!
    Happy Memorial Day & God Bless~ Lisa

  3. Thanks Lisa! God bless : ) Happy belated Memorial Day to you.