Thursday, May 31, 2012

Scripture & A Snapshot

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This is a great verse.  The first time I heard it, I was in a Bible Class in college.  The Professor was going around the room having us introduce ourselves.  When he got to me, he said this verse.  Just to me...  So I blushed and introduced myself.  But the words stood out in my mind.  I don't need to be timid or shy.  His Spirit is powerful, full of love and self-control.  I wrote it down and it's given me courage in a lot of circumstances.

Maybe this verse came to mind today, because tonight is my first choir rehearsal.  I should take it on a card with me.  I love to sing to the Lord.  Another leap of faith.

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  1. Hope you have fun at choir practice tonight!
    I am shy/ introverted, but the Lord gives me boldness whenever i need it...There is no cure for shyness because there doesn't
    need to be, he also gives some of us a quiet and gentle spirit. don't be ashamed of how you are made, don't fight against who the Lord created you to be...Not all squeeky wheels need oiled, some just have a loose nut! It's the quiet wheels that are working smoothly.

    Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight.(1Peter 3:4)
    ~God Bless~ Lisa

  2. That's beautiful Lisa thanks! God bless : )

  3. Your posts are so good. I used to be in the church choir for a long time. I too sang for God but it ended up being too negative for me. The choir members complaining and not listening to the beauty of the music.

  4. Yeah I've seen that before too. It's hard to be part of things like that. Our music director is a wonderful musician who plays piano and the organ. He's so fun to watch, he'll switch instruments in the middle of a hymn and not miss a beat. He has a real passion for music, should be interesting. I think he'll keep things on track. I knew a wonderful man who used to say, "There's nothin' like a Christian organization to test your faith." He was a Veterinarian who helped people in foreign countries with livestock. Sigh... we're not perfected in Christ yet. One day we'll be singing with the angels! Thanks for your comment. Got me thinking. God bless!

  5. My wife and I love to sing in the choir as well. It is one of our favorite ways to worship. God bless!

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  6. It's my favorite way to worship too : ) God bless and thanks for stopping by Derrick!

  7. I think the first thing when I come into quiet time I'll worship through singing worship songs... I don't know why but I really love singing to God :D

  8. That's great Joy. I've decided to do that too. He must love our songs, I get this great feeling when I sing to Him. Thanks for sharing : ) God bless!