Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Scripture & A Snapshot

"Shoot the moon!"
© Karen Kyle Ericson, all rights reserved.

I have many praises this week.  My brother, who almost died of liver cancer, then got a transplant in March, went back to work last Monday.  The worst part for him was telling and re-telling everyone about the surgery.  Thank you so much to all who prayed!  And to God who said, "Yes!"  I think I say that everyday... 

I am adjusting to the fact that I have arthritis but still try not to think about it too much- it can't be that serious.   I found my limitations trying to lift a bag of kitty litter into a very tall trash can...  My hubby told me to let him do that.  Maybe it's time I do.  Makes me smile to think about it.  Arthritis is a great motivator to keep me exercising : )  As far as Sjogren's, I called my doctor to ask her and she told me, "Nope if you don't have dry eyes and mouth, you don't have it."  Praise God!

Sometimes I think about all the planets in the sky, the details on the earth, and the billions of people.  We have fireflies in the backyard : )  I can't help but wonder at the awesomeness of God.  He is everywhere at once.  He sees us individually.  He hears every prayer.  His power is far beyond our grasp.  He knows our limitations, everything about us, and tells us:
Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.
Matt. 11:29
Be gentle and humble in heart, so our souls will find rest (and our bodies).  Amazing God, amazing grace. 

You may have guessed astronomy is my hobby.  I was so excited to find this book Indescribable on Amazon.  I haven't read much of it yet.  It's about seeing God through astronomy.  It has lots of photos, I'm looking forward to it.

Here's the song from Chris Tomlin Indescribable.


  1. Hi Karen, so glad you do not have it! Praise God!
    Don't be too proud to accept help ;) it will help your joints last longer if you respect your limitations & listen to your body (increased pain means time to slow it down). I was just told that yesterday...when I cross that limit, if I do not slow down, there is damage done that takes longer to recover from. Exercise is KEY...I know with your good attitude, this disease will not become an issue with you.
    ~God Bless~ Lisa

  2. Thanks Lisa. I think you're right. We have to listen to our bodies. God bless!

  3. Karen, thank God for your brother's strength and health! I will continue to pray for him as he goes back to work. I'm sorry to hear about your own problems but it does sound as though you have an awfully good husband helping you and that is so good! I hope you enjoy your book, it sounds very interesting! God bless and have a wonderful summer!

  4. Thanks Colleen. I am so proud of my brother. He did physical therapy and cooperated with the doctors. It's so great to know life is going on for him. My husband is a good guy. I am blessed.

    God bless you!