Monday, April 4, 2011

All people, everybody!

This is the shortest chapter in the Bible!  I looked at it a few times to be sure I had the whole Psalm and then verified.  The longest chapter is Psalms 119.  No worries, I promise not to post all ten pages in one post. : )   The message here is pretty huge for a few lines.

God's message is for everybody, all people.  His message is for those who are depressed, addicted, lonely, full of anger, poor, have no food, or clothes, wishing their lives would end- no matter how bad they think they are.  It's for all people:  those who think they have it all, have lots of money, have the perfect family, a great job, two cars, lots of food, and a big house- from all nations, tribes, and peoples no matter how great they think they are.  He brings peace, joy and love.

His love can take over our lives.  It has taken over mine for sure.  I was empty and angry with no hope.  I tried all sorts of things to make me feel better.  After I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, I laughed for the first time in years.  I had compassion for others, although I still pray that I won't be selfish and see the needs of others.  Believers in Christ aren't yet made perfect.  That'll happen in Heaven. His love took over!  He gives me peace and His Holy Spirit counsels me when I am confused.  The best part is His faithful ways are eternal.  When I get to see Jesus' eyes in Heaven, I'll already know Him from here on earth.  To become a Christian you just need to confess your sin (He won't be shocked, He already knows and has seen it all in humans).  Repent (turn from your current ways and let God change your life). Allow Him to be Lord of your life, your Savior.  It's important to get involved in a Church so you can be baptized, learn about the Bible, and have Christians to talk to.   I enjoy learning from my Pastor's sermons, and singing to God in worship as well.

Psalms 117
1 Praise God, everybody!
Applaud God, all people!
2 His love has taken over our lives;
God's faithful ways are eternal.

1 Corinthians 1:9
9 ... He will never give up on you. Never forget that.


  1. Yeah, He waited a long time for me to get over myself and give it up to Him. There were lots of painful lessons along the way. Sure woulda' been a lot easier if I had listened to Him from the git-go, but hey---I'm a slow learner. Ha.

  2. Haha I can relate to that as well. It took about 5 Christians and 3 years for me to get consistent. But He never gives up. :) Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hey, I just came across your blog by doing a bit of blog-surfing and I'm glad I did! I've added myself as your newest follower, and I hope you'll check out my Christian devotional site as well.

    Have a blessed day!

    In Christ,
    Dakota - A Look at Life from a Deerstand

  4. Hi Dakota- nice to meet you. I will check out your blog :) Thanks for stopping by.