Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Word-filled Wednesday

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Ok, so sometimes when I'm driving my right foot gets a little heavy, and the car goes a lot faster than the sign says it should...  It's a fun car to drive, what can I say?  But it's also dangerous.  And, well, New Jersey isn't known for it's polite and happy drivers...  The Bible says that we should "do right."  By doing right we don't get traffic tickets and our insurance stays lower in cost.  Sometimes the straight forward truth in the Bible gets me by surprise.  I honestly can't say I've never done anything wrong.  I have.  This is one of those verses I'd rather not think about...

One day I was reading these verses and realized, the police are just people, like me.  In their jobs, they take huge risks to protect us and keep things orderly.  I was driving to the grocery store and saw a Sheriff's car with his lights on in the middle of the road.  Someone had lost a mattress in the street.  His car was parked in a place where another driver could try and pass him and hit him physically.  So I pulled up along side and waited for him to get the mattress.  Once he was safe, I left.  I wondered if I was being silly and felt a little embarrassed, after all surely a Sheriff can protect himself.  At the next light, he pulled up beside me nodded and smiled real big.  Whenever I see him on the road, he smiles and nods.  It's a good feeling.

Then there was the time a woman was tailgating me so close, I could see the color of her eyes.  I went to switch lanes and side-swiped an SUV.  We pulled over and the police came.  I told them immediately, "It was my fault.  I was being stupid.  I thought I looked but didn't see him.  I'm so sorry." 

I didn't receive a ticket and since my car took all the damage the other driver told me not to worry.  I was shook up, but felt like I was treated more than fairly, mercifully.   That's what Jesus teaches, be honest, respectful, do what's best.  His ways are always true.

I took this photo last week in NYC.  The NYPD is kind of like heroes to me since 9-11.  I saw it from across the bay, and their sacrifice and bravery has left a deep admiration for what they do.  As well as the firefighters.  I purposely blocked her face, so no one would use this photo to harm her.   I had to get a shot of the NYPD.  Sadly a fire truck went past and the shot didn't turn out at all.  Maybe another day.

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  1. Great pic ... perfect verse to go with it!


  2. Great illustration of this verse. Great post.

  3. Love this! What a great photo to go with the verse.

  4. When I first saw this I thought you were gonna tell us that you got a speeding ticket! I am so glad to see that you have a real concern and kind heart for those who serve as law enforcement, as it can sometimes be a thankless job. ;)
    ~Peace & Blessings In Jesus~

  5. Oh I really feel for the police and firefighters. It is a thankless job. They've helped me out a few times in big ways. Thankfully, I haven't had to call on them often. And, some of them are nice and some not so much. They're human too.

    God bless!

  6. Wow! I love the pic but the verse is even much better! great post Karen. :)

  7. Thanks Murugi! This verse reminds me of how about 90% of our troubles come from our own actions- it is a great verse. God bless you!

  8. The police are doing their duty and we should make it easy for them. To shower them with respect and dignity is a rare thing.

    They have a tough job -- no need to make it anymore difficult.

    I've never seen anyone write about this - and I like it!

  9. Yes, policemen and firemen are good guys and gals! The media and some movies have sometimes given them an image they don't deserve..i.e. the corrupt cop, etc. My nephew served as a Deputy Sheriff for years and he was a very good one caring for people in an honest and fair way.

    Some movies show the positive picture and what heroes they often are. I am looking forward to seeing the movie, "Courageous" soon which tells from where they get their strength and courage.

    Nice blog and awesome picture! Thanks. J.

  10. Thanks for the encouragement David! It's one of those subjects we try not to notice, but we should.

    And, thanks J! They are the good guys. When I had to go to court for a traffic ticket once, the Judge actually thanked me for letting them help me. They reduced my penalty.

    I'm looking forward to "Courageous" too. It's always such a blessing when we get new Christian movies.

  11. Should mention, the Judge that reduced my penalty, said, "Thank you for letting us help you. Most people don't." after I'd thanked him for helping me : ) It may help someone else out to know they want to help us, but we do need to admit our mistake and be humble.