Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I panicked!

Ps 31:19-22
19 What a stack of blessing you have piled up
for those who worship you,
Ready and waiting for all who run to you
to escape an unkind world.
20 You hide them safely away
from the opposition.
As you slam the door on those oily, mocking faces,
you silence the poisonous gossip.
21 Blessed God!
His love is the wonder of the world.
Trapped by a siege, 
22 I panicked.
"Out of sight, out of mind," I said.
But you heard me say it,
you heard and listened.

Something reassuring in the Bible is these guys endured things beyond our imagination.  So... here's David trapped by a siege.  He's known as the man after God's own heart.   So what does he do?  He panicked!  Wouldn't you?  I would.  He's thinking God just doesn't see this.  "Out of sight, out of mind."  Then he states how God heard it and listened.   There are some great stories of reasons to panic in the Bible like Daniel in the lion's den.  My latest panic was finding drips of water below a pipe in our bathroom.  I imagined all the pipes breaking in the house with water shooting all over and the price!  Yikes!  We're gonna die.  I prayed, "Oh Father we can't afford this.  Please help!" On closer inspection the drips are coming from the water tank on the toilet.  Looked up with a shy smile, "Thanks."

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