Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stepping out in faith

Today I was on the prayer forum, and noticed something.  A few of the requests seem like novels.  A person comes out with a request (usually relationship problems) and I pray trusting God will answer them.  But the next day they are back with more information, the same problem, along with more anxiety.  Here we go again...  I felt guilty thinking this way.  Then I started to realize sometimes prayer isn't enough.  I can pray until I'm blue in the face, but until the requester chooses to accept the situation, trust God, and make changes- it won't get better.  Of course, when I point one finger at someone else, I point three at myself!  Which lead me to realize if I want things to happen in my life praying isn't enough.  I need to work toward the changes I want, trusting God, so He can bless my efforts.  I should be full of abandon and trust, trying things, learning, soaring on wings like eagles.  My life in itself is a gift.

Psalms 119:161-168

Christians have been in this position for sure. God's Word is the only thing that can truly keep us stable.   Each day has new headlines.  But we know the end- Jesus wins!
161 I've been slandered unmercifully by the politicians,
but my awe at your words keeps me stable.

His Word is pretty exciting when I stop and think about it- we strike it rich by growing closer to God.
162 I'm ecstatic over what you say,
like one who strikes it rich.
163 I hate lies — can't stand them! —
but I love what you have revealed.

I remember Daniel had a time each day in the morning, noon and night to pray and praise God.  The author shouts praises seven times a day!  I notice when things go wrong but not necessarily the daily stuff that goes right.  Wonder how many times I praise God for all that's running right...   Thanking God is a great way to deal with anxiety.  It's amazing how fear disappears, when I thank God for my husband, home, the kitties...

164 Seven times each day I stop and shout praises 
for the way you keep everything running right.
165 For those who love what you reveal, everything fits
no stumbling around in the dark for them.

Hmmm... not what I tell Him to do, what He tells me to do.  That's pretty clear.  Actually I'm very grateful He didn't say, "Yes," to all my requests.
166 I wait expectantly for your salvation;
God, I do what you tell me.
167 My soul guards and keeps all your instructions
oh, how much I love them!
168 I follow your directions, abide by your counsel;
my life's an open book before you.

It's good to pray, God does say, "Yes."  It's great to pray for others.  The prayer in itself can bring hope to those in need.  It's best to study His Word, pray, praise, and step out in faith.


  1. I agree with everything you say, Karen. Pray, ask, accept and carry on.